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Light Guage Steel Frame Manufacturer


Manufacture your home, multi-units and multi-story buildings with light gauge steel!


We specialise in the manufacturing of light gauge steel framing for apartments, shops, offices, restaurants, schools, and childcare, mixed use buildings.

steel framing solutions


Experienced in the design and manufacturing of warehouses & sheds.

steel frame solutions

Our Services

Are you searching for a lightweight gauge steel frame with high quality in Melbourne?

RC Steel Frame brings versatile light gauge steel frame solutions for residential and commercial projects. We come with over 30 years of experience working in the industry as one of the leading steel frame manufacturers.

We provide design, installation and supply of structural beams!

As a steel frame manufacturer, we delivered, tested and superior quality prefabricated steel frames for a variety of applications. Being a customer-centric and reliable company to cater to your commercial lightweight steel framing needs; no one can serve you better than us.

We provide the right needs and services to clients and customers when looking for structural beam and structural steel design. We also provide Installation and supplies as well as structural engineering certifications! As a company, we have a lot to offer to satisfy our clients!

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Steel Floor Joists

A steel flooring system offers greater durability and strength and will provide further cost savings due to its resistance to pests such as; termites and borers. We use Australian steel to manufacture your steel flooring system.

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Steel Roof Truss

Steel Roof Trusses offer many benefits to builders and clients alike. They are lightweight – making handling and maneuverability onsite very easy – but rigid, allowing greater spans with less material.

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Steel Wall Frames

Steel Wall frames offer a quick and efficient build without any compromise to the structural integrity of the building. Our Quality Steel Wall frames come prefabricated to exact specifications so they can be erected without fuss on site.

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With years of market experience, RC Steel are highly competent with extensive knowledge in the industry, giving you the confident of a safe delivery on your next project while maintaining it on budget and on time.


Our Team leverage creativity, software products and understanding of our clients’ needs to provision unchallenged cost-effective, high-quality materials.


We value our clients’ time and understand the importance of providing a punctual high-quality service. We guarantee a professional handling of your project and implement project management protocols.

steel frame solutions

Looking for a Residential Steel Frame?

We manufacture and supply steel frames for the construction of houses and buildings. The steel framing systems are designed to offer the maximum strength and durability required for high-scale construction projects. Our workmanship is reflected in the quality of the steel framing system we supply to our clients.

Light Gauge Steel Framing

Our galvanised light gauge steel frames are designed for constructing prefabricated buildings. With a high load-bearing capacity, these steel frames make the perfect base for walls, floors and roofing frames. RC Steel Frame is among the expert light gauge steel framing manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne. We offer an extensive range of lightweight steel frames required to complete the construction of various projects. The steel system consists of metal sheets and tiles that can be screwed directly to the wall frames.

Features of Light Gauge Steel :

  1. Extremely lightweight
  2. Resilient to decomposition and termites
  3. Durable and versatile design solution
  4. Can be tailored according to the range of applications

Our solutions for light gauge steel framing in Melbourne are the results of reliable steel materials and modern manufacturing technology. Find the optimal residential light gauge steel framing supplies with a manufacturing warranty at RC Steel.

Want to enquire about light gauge steel framing cost? Get in touch with our team today 1300 023 847.

steel frame solutions
steel frame solutions

Why Choose Us

RC Steel is a sister company of RC Engineering Group; with highly specialist engineers working along side with steel manufactures. We combined both of our designing and engineering software with an automated roll former to produce the wall frames, roof trusses, floor joists and panels quickly as possible but also, accurately.

With our broad experience, we offer innovative solutions to your challengers!

  1. Supply of durable and lightweight steel frame solutions
  2. Fully customised steel frames to meet your project specifications
  3. Team of experienced industry experts
  4. Quick delivery times and on-site support
  5. Accurate and FREE steel frame quotes


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  • steel framing solutions
  • steel framing solutions
  • steel framing solutions


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