Steel floor joists is the first choice from clients, looking for steel products for their upcoming residential or commercial construction projects; as it is easy to lift and install for our construction workers.

RC Steel provide steel flooring joists that are thoroughly durable and strong; compared to different other joists. Our team are committed to providing high-quality steel joists per project specifications of our customers. The steel products supplied by us are certified and tested before they are delivered to you.

We are the leading steel floor joists suppliers in Melbourne. Our engineers make sure that our customers benefit from the wealth of experience we have gained by the experienced within the industry. We have also gained the capability to make the metal floor joists suitable for various sizing; ensuring each one is individually manufactured to meet the application.

We have managed hundreds of residential and commercial construction projects in the past. If you want to save your time on finding quality steel framing solutions and labouring costs; then the services from RC Steel is what you need.

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    Why Use Steel Floor Joists?

    Steel floor joists are both lightweight yet extremely robust; through this they can offer superb long-term stability for any flooring project. Lightweight steel is a popular choice in areas where the climate can sometimes be unforgiving. Compared to timber alternatives, metal floor joists do not shrink, rot, warp or sag. Steel floor joists is used to construct floors that are subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Steel inhibits the growth of mould or termites which makes it an ideal floor construction material for areas that receive moisture. The steel joists floors unlike wood floors are quieter and do not split or warp.

    If you want to know more regarding the steel flooring joists prices, Contact us or kindly give us a call on 1300 023 847.

    Steel Joists for Decking

    We supply steel joists for the construction of decking in homes and buildings. The decking material holds up well in fluctuating weather conditions. If you want to build a new decking area or want to replace the old and worn off decking material, we can also help.

    Our steel joists for decking are crafted with perfection from lightweight gauge steel. The steel is coated with a protective layer to prevent rot and damage. No matter the type of decking material you use (PVC, or wood), our steel joists are perfectly compatible with a range of materials.


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