When choosing a compatible and durable construction material for roofing, there is nothing better than steel. Steel roof trusses are lightweight construction materials that do not require rigorous maintenance or chemical treatments to make sure they last longer.

The steel frame roof trusses are the preferred material used within the construction of commercial and residential buildings as they offer a quick installation as compared to other framing materials. It has high tensile strength and moisture resistance.

What are the Benefits OF Steel Roof Trusses?

Steel roof trusses for residential projects have gained immense popularity in the Australian market. The high tensile strength and compressive forces allow the steel trusses to have a high weight load capacity. The custom steel roof truss combines three interior members to create an equilibrium of forces.

RC Steel Frame has a team of experienced professionals who will assist you right from the first stage of choosing the right steel materials to project execution. Our name is among the top steel roof truss manufacturers and suppliers in Melbourne. We supply light gauge and structural steel to help our clients with residential and commercial construction projects quickly.

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    Our lightweight gauge custom steel trusses solutions are the perfect way to replace the old traditional use of heavy structural steel. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote according to your service requirements.

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    • 30+ Years of industry experience
    • A dedicated and passionate team
    • Customised steel roof trusses solutions
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