Cracks are underestimated by most people. However, they shouldn’t be. They could be very dangerous. There may be some hidden cracks in your house and if you don’t realize these cracks soon enough, your house could be damaged more. Damage on the brick wall structure can be easily detected by inspections. Some building cracks can be seen easily; however, some brick cracks may not be easily seen. Victorian brick wall inspections can be made easily by professional companies. Cracks are the indications of the failure of the walls under high stress concentration.

Forensic Engineering


Stress can be defined as force per unit area on unit surface. Today, there are many long buildings all around the world. Foundations and pillars of these buildings should support high stress level because these tall buildings create extraordinary stress on the foundations and pillars of these buildings. High stress can be caused several cracks on the wall. These cracks could be dangerous, and they should be inspected by professionals. Stress analysis can be done by mining engineers and civil engineers. Both professions handle with high stress levels. For instance, mining engineers deal with high stress in underground structures like tunnels. There are many measures to take to support underground structures. These structures face with stress due to the soil and rock load on them. On the other hand, civil engineers deal with stress due to the mass of the building. Pillar designs are made for support building load.


Strain is the displacement amount over the total length of the strata. It is unit less and strain analysis should be made for both underground and surface structures. Strain analysis can give an idea about the stability of the structures. Some amount of strain is acceptable for most of the structures. However, if strain amount exceeds the threshold strain level of the structures, measures should be taken immediately. It can be caused fatal accidents. To avoid strata failures, strain amount should be observed periodically. Like strain, building cracks and brick cracks should be invested periodically. A simple inspection can save hundreds of people’s life. Brick wall structure is important because, characteristics of the brick and wall can affect the stability of the structure. For instance, there are differences between Victorian brick wall characteristics and standard wall structure characteristics.

Strain Observation

Strain should be observed all the time in construction sites, especially in mining sites. For instance, in open pit mines, excavation of overburden should be done as little as possible due to economic reasons. To achieve economic mining operation, slope angle should be as high as possible. However, higher angles can be caused failure of the structure. Mining engineers and civil engineers consider the ground structure while making design of buildings and mines. There are several things that affect the stability of the ground. One of the important parameters is water presence. Water can be found anywhere, and it affects the stability of the ground in a negative way. Also, discontinuities like joints, cracks, faults have a negative effect on the stability. If these ground structures are existing in the field, strain amount should be observed all the time in the field. There are many devices that can make this kind of continuous observations.


Crack inspection is important thing; however, most of the people do not make this inspection for their own property. It is important because cracks can cause serious accidents if they are on the pillars. Pillars are the supporting structures of buildings. Stress on the pillar is higher than stress on the wall and cracks on the pillars should be repaired immediately. Professional inspection can reveal many things about your property and save your money by repairing cracks. If these cracks will not be repaired, bad things can happen to your property, even your property could be wracked. Your family could be harmed seriously because of cracks. If your property’s age is old, formation of cracks is normal. Stress on the pillar and wall could be lowered the strength of the pillar or wall of your property. If you experience this kind of thing, search for professional who can repair these cracks. Some cracks are hard to repair, and these kinds of cracks should be repaired by professionals.


There are many companies that can made crack inspection. Cost of the crack inspection and cost of the crack repair can be varied building to building. If you have flat or separate house, inspection can be easily made by professional firms for low price. Since the crack inspection is vital thing, your priority must be the crack inspection; especially if your house is old. It is more likely that old houses having cracks. Even if you do not see cracks on the walls or pillars and your property is old, you should have crack inspection made. There can be hidden cracks in the walls and pillars. To save your family from serious accidents, don’t waste time and immediately search for professional firm to have crack inspection made. There are both local and global companies that made this kind of inspection. Local companies are made repairing for a low price. I recommend choosing a local company.


As a conclusion, crack inspection is a very important thing for structures. Some cracks can be dangerous, even if they can cause a fatal accident. To avoid accidents, measures should be taken. Strain amounts should be monitored continuously. In construction and mining industry, strain monitoring is one of the most important things. If displacements will not be monitored properly, ground failures can occur. Beside ground failures, brick wall structure inspected periodically by professionals. Building cracks and brick cracks can be occurred in old buildings. These kinds of cracks should be repaired immediately by a professional team. Victorian brick wall inspection can reveal hidden cracks in your property.

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